GVC 1301: The Universe of Food

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Global Virtual Classroom Contest

GVC 1301 consists of schools from the Czech Republic and the USA


         Prague, Czech Republic

Riverside School
Prague, Czech Republic

Roztocká 43/9


           Chicago, Illinois USA

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Oak Park, Illinois
United States of America

1111 S Grove Ave

Welcome to The Universe of Food


Our website is a collaborative effort of the students from Lincoln Elementary School in Oak Park, Illinois USA and Riverside School in Prague, Czech Republic.

We conducted a survey in Edmodo to decide on our theme and here are the results:

We decided on the website theme of food because it had the most votes.  We all love food! We made projects about our favorite foods, Scratch games about food, and cooking shows. 

We made pictures on Pixie of some of our favorite foods. We each created a food plate of our favorite foods.  It’s important to eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet.  Every once in awhile we have junk food as a treat!

We also made cooking shows. The cooking shows are a guideline to show you how to make some delicious recipes that are also healthy. People would pair up with their friends and choose food they would want to make. Then they would make a video of making the food they chose. The food had to be international or cultural for this project.

For our helping focus this year we held the Hungry Minds Pasta Dinner.  That is when the fifth graders raise money by having a pasta dinner for the community.  We serve pasta, bread, salad, and water to our guests and they make a small donation to food charities . The fifth graders make an announcement and put up posters in the school to tell people to come and have a fun dinner with their friends and you get served instead of getting it yourself. The money we raised (over $4000) went to needy food organizations.

 We hope you enjoy our website!

The Students from GVC 1301


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