Next time you stop for a red light,

    throwing momentum to the wind,
    just to sit all alone,
    wasting your time,
    staring at the open street,
    listening to the pollution,
    feeling your blood pressure rise,
    while your productivity drops,
    and you come to realize...
    not only is your vehicle's design moronic,
    the computer driving the lights is even worse...

Ask yourself,

  • Why can high school drop outs with $5 walkie talkies and flashlights so dramatically outperform $100,000 traffic lights? (Can you?)
  • Isn't there some cheaper, lighter, cleaner-to-manufacture way to store the energy from braking to accelerate again? (No? Really? Giant toxic batteries and generators are the best we can do?)
  • What if there were a stop sign here instead? (But then how many situations is a stop sign right for?)
  • Why do we have $35,000 cameras to issue tickets to people speeding and taking rolling right turns, but barely any to stop people from blocking intersections? (To punish people for getting out of our way?)
  • Why is it that when there's multiple vehicles lined up at an intersection, they don't all start moving at the same time? (How does that affect traffic flow?)
  • Should we wait for someone to figure out how to make a profit or prestigious paper by fixing busted technology? (Or would you rather someone just fix it?)

About us

    Gruschow Foundation tries to fix problems with technology, but not for profit. It's mostly just because they need to be fixed. It's for the public good and good fun too. It's an independent non-profit corporation with no university or for-profit affiliations.