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We're Building a Playground!

Thank you!  Our community has raised $54,219 for the

new Playground at Primary School!


A Message from Volunteer Coordinator - Michelle Jordan

The playground is nearing completion! Within the next two weeks we will be opening the second section of our new playground at the Primary School.  Thanks to the incredible support of the school staff, school families, local businesses and members of the Windham community, we have been able to provide our students with two new amazing play areas.  We also had an incredible set of volunteers who worked all weekend to help install the newest phase.  We would like to thank Eric Welzel of Miracle Playground for his assistance and help in getting both of the play areas installed with a team of volunteers. Thank you to those that came out and helped this weekend: Pat, AJ and Haley Moody; Julie Young; Kim, Nolan, Zoe and Maya Dries; Joe, Tayla, Ben and Kyle Gouzie; Duane Dumont; Laurel Parker; Tyler Ward; Sean Eaton; Bill Wardwell; Todd, Olivia and Grace McPherson; Tomek Momot; Heidi Muse; Kyle Rhoads; Bill and Eric Hansen; Ben, Elliot and Nathan Jordan; Nicole, John, Colby and Kyle Schmid; Amy and Alyssa Conley.  We couldn't have done it without you!



The Primary School is building a new play area for our students and our community. The current area is over 20 years old and no longer meets the needs of our active students. Our children need 60 minutes of active play each day to stay healthy! Free play helps build children's physical, mental, social and emotional skills.
Want to learn more? Keep checking for updates on fundraisers and how you can help. Like us on Facebook at Windham Primary School Playground, watch Eagle News for more information, contact Michelle Jordan at wpsvolunteer@gmail.com.
Building the playground is a part of a larger project to rebuild the entire play area at school. This area will include two playgrounds, a baseball field, basketball court, large playing field, walking path, benches and more. This will create a great play area for our entire community to use every day of the year! 


Aileen Pelletier,
Feb 11, 2013, 4:51 PM
Aileen Pelletier,
Feb 11, 2013, 4:52 PM