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School Gardens Grow a Healthy Harvest!

Most of our school gardens are wrapping up their second successful gardening season (some have been growing for longer than that!). This year the gardens strategically planted to harvest produce that could be utilized in our school nutrition program. Many of the gardens regularly supplied produce to support our salad bars in the cafeterias.

Here is the landscape garden-wise at each of our schools:
  • Windham Primary Outdoor Learning Garden is the first garden in our district to add a fruit orchard and berry patch to their vegetable garden!
  • Manchester School Garden for Learning has several raised beds and a recently constructed hoop house!
  • Jordan Small Middle School is the home to the school garden operating the longest in our district and within the past year built a solar-powered hoop house, with a composter
  • Windham Middle School has several indoor grow labs, a couple outdoor raised bed and a composter
  • Windham High School created a garden in one of their courtyards with several raised beds, and a composter
  • REAL School has been actively getting students in the kitchen to help prepare meals utilizing food from their school garden and hoop house

All of this garden work has been supported through grant funding, donations and the dedication from staff and volunteers!  School gardens are a fantastic opportunity to give students experiential learning opportunities to learn about nutrition and to understand the environment and where their foods comes from. 

We believe school gardens increase students accepting fruits and vegetables in our cafeterias.  That is very important to us, because we don't want to just serve healthy food, we want to serve healthy food that students look forward to eating! 

Students from Green Roots, environmental science club at Windham High School dig in!

Mrs. Sanborn's 4th grade class enjoyed the orange, yellow and purple carrots they harvested and prepared for Curried Carrot Soup with the help of Mrs. Reilly and Mrs. Joyce!

Windham Primary School's Garden harvested over 245 pounds of produce this season! 


5th Grade Students at Manchester School show off their harvest 
with Guidance Counselor and Garden Leader, Pam Lanz