Title One

                                                            What is Title One?  How can it help my child?

Title I is a federally funded education program that works to give all children a chance to learn at higher academic standards. Its purpose is to prevent failure by ensuring that more children experience success in school.

Sometimes children need assistance to meet the standards Maine has set for all children including children who:

  • Have trouble reading
  • Read below their grade level
  • Have trouble understanding what they read
  • Have difficulty with math

Student Eligibility

In RSU#14 students are eligible for services in our K-5 schools.  These schools include Windham Primary, Raymond Elementary, and Manchester School. Students are eligible for Title I services based on data which may include the following:

  • Teacher recommendation/observation
  • Reading or math skills below grade level
  • Reading assessment results in NWEA, DRA, MEA, Aimsweb
  • Math Assessment results in NWEA, Everyday Math, MEA, Aimsweb
  • Class performance

All students served in Title I are referred for services based on a combination of factors above. Students may be referred at any time during the school year.  Parental Permission will be requested for each student eligible for Title I services.

All students will be exposed to grade level content standards. Classroom teachers, intervention specialists, and Title I teachers will work together to help all children succeed in the regular curriculum. Additional assistance and supplemental materials will be given to students having difficulty mastering state academic content standards.

Informational Documents are in files below at the bottom of this page - they include:

RSU14 Parent Involvement Policy

Raymond Elementary School Compact

Windham Primary School School Compact

Manchester School School Compact 

Title One Announcement:

ESSA Public Notice

If you have any comments or questions about these funds, please call or email Christine Hesler at the Superintendent’s Office: chesler@rsu14.org or 207-892-1800.

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