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Mr. VanDyke

Mr. VanDyke

The Jason Project; Coaster Creator

Michigan's Adventure

Paper Airplanes!


The Best Paper Airplane in the World!


Record Breaker!

YouTube vid (spanish)

Acceptable Activities

Current Events Sources


Wood TV 8


WZZM (TV 13)


Fox News

Information Literacy Challenges

School House Rock Constitution 




Elf Yourself


JibJab freebies






PC Lab Website


My Wiki



Alice Links

Youtube Tutorials


Scratch Examples


Christmas Games


Gingerbread Man Decorating


Sim Games






Speed Test


Pumpkin Carving


Online Art!


Talking Pets


Meez avatar




Shared Bookmarks

(username: sharedtime, password: bookmark)


Pumpkin Carving

Another one

And another One




Global Warming


Multiplication Chart




Simple machine Words




World Book Encyclopedia


( stalphonsus tigers )


Food Chain


Candystand Games

Tech Stuff

Database Tutorial


8th Survey


Free (legal) MP3 classical music


Growing with Technology


Search Engine Tutorial


Computer Skills Checklist from anther District


Keyboarding Links AKA Touch Typing


Typing Web


PowerTyping Online Lessons




Typing Tidepool


Only Typing Games


Tons of Keyboarding Games


another typing games site


Another list of Keyboarding (Touch Typing) Games




Typing Test online with WPM and accuracy




Typing Test Passages


Math Links

Cool Math 4 Kids


Mr. Nussbaum

Older Stuff (everything below is stuff we have used before and might need again..........pack rat


Water Cycle movie


Michigan Info

Enchanted Learning

Yahooligans Search Results


Research a Job


Career Test

1st graders


Media Literacy




Video Stuff

shooting techniques and tips

The Great Wall

PowerPoint Tutorial

Keyboarding Practice Games 


Fiddler’s Green

Lots of free simple
Cupid at Flying Pig
Polyhedra Models
Saab Viggen Jet

Bottle Rockets

Our rocket design

Famous Black Americans


Fine Arts Presentation


Windows Tutorial

Another Windows Tutorial

Some Music tutorial thing

Career Research Sites

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Salary Checker

Salary Comparison

Pinewood Derby
Jay's Pinewood Derby Page

Examples and stuff


Famous Black Americans


WaterRocket Video 


Triangle Math

How a virus works


The Sneeze video

Plug in tests 

Flash Player Test

Vanlintine's Day Fun

Collection of games

Mrs. Jazweic's Vanletine's Day Page

Christmas Fun Stuff 

Christmas Games


Gingerbread Man Decorating


More Christmas Games