Faith Baptist Church of State College, Pennsylvania

Well Spoken Of

How do others speak of you? Of what would your church family bear witness regarding your character? There is an occasion of “the brethren” bearing witness of a brother’s character in the New Testament. We read in Acts 16:1-2: “And he (Paul) came also to Derbe and to Lystra. And behold, a certain disciple was there, named Timothy…and he was well spoken of by the brethren who were in Lystra and Iconium.”

“Well spoken of!” Why? What do we know about Timothy that would occasion such commendation? First, Timothy was a man of God’s Word. Paul instructs him to “preach the Word” (II Tim. 4:2), as well as to publicly read the Scriptures (I Tim. 4:13). Also, Paul charged him to “…handle accurately the Word of truth” (II Tim. 2:15). Timothy was faithfully taught the Scriptures from early infancy by both his believing grandmother and mother (II Tim. 1:5; 3:14-15); this investment by Lois and Eunice is still paying dividends today!

Second, Timothy was willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others. “How?” you ask. Well, his dad was a Greek, which meant that he was not circumcised as a baby boy. However, according to Acts 16:3, Timothy willingly underwent this procedure as a young man in order to witness to Jewish people; thus, he painfully became “all things to all men that some might be saved” (I Cor. 9:22).

Third, Timothy was a servant. He is called a “bond-servant of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:1) and a “fellow-worker” (Rom. 16:21; I Th. 3:2). Timothy served Christ by working with brothers in Christ to further not his agenda but, rather, the ministry of the Gospel in the hearts of people (Phil. 2:20-22). He demonstrated his servant’s heart during Paul’s second and third missionary journeys by serving both Paul (Acts 19:22) and the saints (Acts 17:14; Acts 19:22; I Th. 3:2). Finally, he “capped” his serving the Lord by shepherding the church in Ephesus (I Tim. 1:3).

Fourth, Timothy was a beloved brother. Paul refers to Timothy as “our brother” on five occasions (II Cor. 1:1; Col. 1:1; I Th. 3:2; Philemon 1; Heb. 13:23). Paul also affectionately refers to Timothy as “my beloved and faithful child in the Lord” (I Cor. 4:17), “my true child in the faith” (I Tim. 1:2), and “my son/ beloved son” (I Tim. 1:18; II Tim. 1:2). Timothy could not only “get the job done,” he also was a brother with whom others experienced affectionate fellowship in the Lord!
Finally, Timothy was devoted to Christ and His Church. Paul calls him a “kindred spirit” (Phil. 2:20). In fact, in this verse Paul says that there was no one else like him other than Timothy. Of all the believers in the early 60’s A.D., Paul could think of no one else who shared his “heart” for Christ and His Church as did Timothy.

How do others speak of you? Does it matter? It does if you desire to bear much fruit unto the glory of God (John 15:8). Timothy was a man of commendable, Christ-like character. He was well spoken of by the brethren. His life is still bearing fruit for Christ!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Drew