Faith Baptist Church of State College, Pennsylvania

New York, New York

“Wow! Oh, Lord, what a city and what an experience, and it’s just the first half day!” “Father, what an amazing city; so many sights, sounds, and souls!”

The above are two entries in my personal journal dated July 22, 2003, the first day of the Youth Group Missions trip to New York City. Below is my synopsis of the trip under four headings: personnel, preparation, presentation, and principles.
Personnel- God led five individuals from Faith Baptist to participate. Joining us were eight individuals from a sister church in Michigan. The thirteen of us from the two churches worked with a Pastor and his wife from a New York church

Preparation- The Youth Team, working in conjunction with the Missions Committee, did the bulk of the preparation for this missions trip. The Youth leaders worked on the logistics while interacting with our church partners. In early July, the Missions Team met with other church members who greatly helped by both teaching us how to make balloon animals and, also, by sharing with us insights they had learned from their missions trip to Australia in ’02. At this meeting we also decided that each of us would prepare our personal salvation testimonies, that some would do balloons, and that a few would do gospel bracelets.

Presentation- Soon after arriving in NYC, we were briefed by our New York pastor contact. After dinner at an Irish restaurant, we went with one to distribute tracks at the main intersection (Main and Roosevelt) in Flushing, Queens. We had our first taste of riding the subway by taking the infamous seventh train to the last stop in Flushing. Distributing tracts became “second nature” to us as we passed out tracts while walking and standing on the streets, while riding the subway, while touring Manhattan, and even while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. One pastor estimated that we, along with a group from Tennessee, distributed 10,000 tracts during the five days. We also surveyed a number of people who live in a 480-unit apartment complex in Flushing. We led Bible clubs at two parks. We also had the opportunity to participate in the prayer service of another church and the Sunday morning services of the host Church.

Principles- Three principles were impressed upon my heart during and since this trip. First, “Be flexible.” One pastor encouraged use to stay flexible, and another often quipped, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” Second, “The importance of one.” It is because of one sisters commitment to go on the missions trip regardless of whether or not any other teen was going that the rest of the team went to Queens, New York, this summer. Third, “The worth of each soul.” In the midst of mass humanity was a young husband and dad, a man for whom Christ died and rose again, a man with whom I was privileged to share my salvation testimony.

In closing, on behalf of the Youth Group Missions team, “Thank you, FBC, for sending us to Queens, New York, as ambassadors for Christ.”

In Christ,
Pastor Drew