Faith Baptist Church of State College, Pennsylvania

An Open Door

Well do I remember traveling to 23 Pilgrim Lane. Upon arriving at that location, I would exit the vehicle and knock upon the door. What a pleasant experience to have “Dee” and “Pop Pop” (my grandmother and grandfather) open the door inviting me inside! I always enjoyed walking through that door, for it led to refreshing times with my dear grandparents (as well as, to those fabulously delicious sugar cookies!!).

Not so well do I remember an open door through which I, as a child, did not walk. It was at Lenape Park just outside of West Chester, PA. It was the door leading into the “haunted house.” My father held me in his arms, but as we approached the house, I cried, frightened by the thoughts of walking through that door. My father gave me to my mother who held me while my dad and brother walked through the door.

Paul, in Col. 4:3, asks the brethren at Colossae to pray that “God would open up to us a door for the Word.” Paul desired that God would open a door for the Word; that is, that God would give to him and his fellow-workers opportunities to “preach Jesus” (Acts 8:35) to others in anticipation of their following after the Lord Jesus Christ.

During a recent prayer meeting, a number of individuals shared with the church family of such doors that God was opening for the Word. One shared about his mother and her husband who have indicated an interest in doing Bible study. Another shared about his boss with whom he recently shared Christ. Then, another shared a similar situation at his workplace with his boss! Praise God for such occasions to “preach Jesus” to others!!

God does and will open up for us many doors for His Word.

Occasionally, while approaching an open door for the Word, we feel frightened by such thoughts as, “I don’t know what to say,” or “What will he/she think of me?” Ashamedly, I and most of us have not walked through some of these open doors for the Word.

Yet, during those occasions when we do walk through such doors, we find our hearts delighting in the unspeakable joy of preaching Jesus to others; this is especially so when the individual repents and believes in the Lord.  Brethren, let’s confess and turn from our cowardly ways. Then, praying, “Lord, open for me a door for Your Word,” let’s be on the lookout for the opportunities that He will give to us as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Your fellow-worker in Christ,
Pastor Drew