2017 Nov-Dec

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It's the holiday season!
I’m sure it’s old news by now, but Terry and I bought ourselves an early Christmas present — the Grosse Pointe News. What were we thinking?!

The fact of the matter is the former owner, Mr. Bob Liggett, made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. Those who know me know that the Grosse Pointe News was my home for nearly 20 years. As I said in the first issue of “our” Grosse Pointe News, “Hey, it’s good to be back home again!”

We think the newspaper makes a good fit with our magazines. Many times we get asked to do stories about events that are too soon on the horizontal to fit our early deadlines. Other times, the story suggestions are too “newsy” or “controversial.” Between the weekly Grosse Pointe News and bi-monthly Pointe Magazine, we should be able to accommodate just about any request.

The purchase of the newspaper also gets us something for the magazine we have not had — an office. Many readers may not know that we have been running the magazines out of our home across from Our Lady Star of the Sea for the past seven years. 

Even better news, since the lease at the News’s location on Mack Avenue in the Woods was expiring, it gave us an opportunity to see if any centrally located space had opened up since the News moved from The Hill five years ago. And, boy, did Terry find us a lovely spot — above the Village Grille dining room in The Village! Landlords Dan and Julie Lemanske welcomed us with open arms and are thrilled to have the Grosse Pointe News and Grosse Pointe Magazine in their building. 

And we’re thrilled to be there! Be sure to visit us during or after the Grosse Pointe Santa Claus Parade. And while you are out and about this Christmas and holiday season, be sure to patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses that make Grosse Pointe such a great place to be. See you around the Pointe!

See you around the Pointe!

It’s been a year of firsts for me. On the Ides of March, my husband, Corey, and I welcomed our first child, Graham Gavin. We purchased our first car (no one told me how nerve wracking this would be after a decade of leasing!). And with our first car, we took our first family road trip.

Right now, I write my first column as editor of Pointe Magazine. It’s an appointment I am honored to take in a community that I’ve revered since visiting my Uncle John at the Grosse Pointe News some 25 years ago. 

It’s fitting that my first issue as editor be our holiday issue. I can remember my childhood awe at the Christmas lights on the enormous houses that whizzed by as we drove down Kercheval to The Hill. Starry-eyed. I hope to serve as editor with the same fascination. It’s easy here.

Send me your story ideas, calendar items, nominations for Pointe Personalities, and photos of your pets. I look forward to hearing from you at Lauren@grossepointemagazine.com.

Or stop by our new office at 16980 Kercheval Ave. in The Village’s McCourt Building. On Nov. 24 we will be there sharing coffee, hot chocolate and cookies during and after the Santa Claus Parade, one of the Grosse Pointe holiday events I anticipate most.

Through the New Year, you can find me enjoying the sights and sounds of the holidays from my vantage point in the heart of this extraordinary community. 
Happy holidays and I hope to see you soon!

— Lauren


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