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Governor Fundraising and Sponsorship

Dear Parents and Governors,
It is worth saying again how much we appreciate all your support for the aims and aspirations at St Thomas' School. That support comes in many ways and forms.

I have been keeping you updated over the year regarding our 2016-17 sponsorship request which went out from myself and the governors last year. As we round off another financial year and prepare to look ahead, here is the final update on how much was raised and what it was spent on. The letter attached outlines what we needed the funds for this last year.

The donations, pledges and monthly donations have meant that with gift aid we have met the target of £11,400 and have been able to purchase:

- 7 interactive whiteboard projectors - £2,800
- Art resources - £1,000
- Music resources - £1,000
- 6 laptops and interactive whiteboard subscriptions - £3,300
- SEN resources - £2,000
- Playground resources £500
- History resources for the new curriculum £800

Thanks to everyone who was able to support in this way.

I am currently preparing a budget plan in the light of the government's new budget formula. Further cuts will mean that ongoing sponsorship and additional fundraising/grant applications are needed to sustain our provision and build on it. A number of parents have offered time, expertise and suggestions. Thank you for this. I will be in touch to arrange another meeting to brainstorm and plan what is possible. If you would like to be involved please could you e mail the office and let us know whether a morning, afternoon or evening meeting would be best for you.

Please see attached Sponsorship Request Letter for 2017-18. It might be helpful to put up a visual fundraising thermometer to show how we are doing this year! 

Yours sincerely,
Angela Nicholls
April 2017
Angela Nicholls,
1 Feb 2018, 08:30