School Governors

 This information about the Governors is given in the following order :

 Name and status; date term ends


Mr Ray Donelan                 ( Chair)     Foundation

Appointed by Diocese                         (Mar 2017)                   


Dr Peter Steel                                 Foundation

Appointed by Diocese                                            (Feb 2017)


Trevor Wells                                                              Foundation

Appointed by Diocese                                           (Aug 2017)


Angela Nicholls                                                       Headteacher (Ex Officio)


Jill Sandercott                                                          Teacher    

Staff elected                                                              (Aug 2018)


Mandy Warner                               Parent

Parent elected                               (April 2017)


Ali Penton                                     Parent

Parent elected                               (April 2017)


Tina Reed                                      Foundation

Appointed  by Diocese                     (Sept 2019)


Roslyn Thomas                               Foundation

Appointed by Diocese                      (Aug 2018)


Judith Belcher                                 Foundation

Appointed   by Diocese                     (April 2017)


Rev Sharon  Francis            (Deputy) Parish Priest

Appointed by Diocese                       (Ex Officio)                                              


Mr Garry Saunders                           LEA

Appointed by LA                              (Jan 2018)