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Choosing to have Groninger Homes design your project has benefits that go beyond a competitive price. We feel a special sense of pride when we are fortunate enough to build our own designs.  Additionally, it is more efficient when we start with the design process and continue into construction. The familiarity of the design and construction documents saves both time and money.

Although we enjoy and can contribute value to the design process, we also work well with other designers.  Whether you are interested in design-build with Groninger Homes or have your own designer, we look forward to working with you and discussing the design of your new home.

Note: Groninger Homes is not an architect and only offers design and construction document services to customers that want to build with us. We do not provide designs or documents for the use of other builders.

Sustainable construction looks at the impact of a building over its entire lifetime, while optimizing its economic viability, performance and functionality.

A well-designed home should be beautiful, function and efficient.

Lasting Value
Value is the best combination of price, quality, performance and service.

Good design maintains its appeal long after current trends have vanished.

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