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Preferred Builder

Preferred Builder status is achieved when trade contractors and suppliers prefer to work for one particular builder over another. Preferred Builders are often rewarded with the best pricing and service from the companies that work for them. Obtaining preferred status can only be achieved by businesses that are sincerely concerned about the well-being of everybody they work with. 
The approach to becoming a preferred builder is actually rather simple. Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.
  • Develop a reputation as being fair.
  • Set high expectations for yourself as well as for others.
  • Provide good information when requesting bids.
  • Select the low competent bidder and respect the effort of all bidders.
  • Be ready to receive work or deliveries when scheduled.
  • Manage an organized project site and allow workers to be productive.
  • Accept responsibility for the success of others working on the project.
  • Communicate clearly about expectations for services provided.
  • Pay promptly when the work is completed correctly.
  • Make sure everyone knows they are appreciated.
These techniques work with any type of business relationship but to be effective must be sincere and part of a company culture.
Value Strategies

Design and Construction Ideas and Information about Homes in the South. Florida and the Gulf Coast have unique climate and environmental conditions that have influenced the design of homes since long before air-conditioning was available. Lessons from “Olde Florida” vernacular design still apply today. With energy efficiency and a new green awareness on the minds of many in the industry, building systems and construction techniques are evolving forward with an eye on the past.