We would love to design and build a special home just for you, but even if you already have a designer and/or builder, we can be a valuable member to your team. Let us show you why you should be talking to Groninger Homes.

Even though a home might be considered a product, the highest value that we can offer you is in the service we provide. Designing and building a new home involves a tremendous number of decisions that you can likely only make with expert help vested in your best interests. Our processes are transparent and we will provide you with all the information you need to make good decisions. Our mission is to help you build the best home possible without any of the uncertainty associated with a typical owner-builder relationship.

We have strong systems and procedures for maintaining control of all the documents and information about our homes. We will provide you with a secure personal website to access all proposals, trade agreements, material quantity estimates, product information and checking account statements. Our company-developed JobNotes system won a national Business Excellence award and we have consulted with other top builders to help them improve their systems.

We have a sophisticated construction schedule utilizing, a cloud-based project management app. In addition to construction, our schedule includes all of the supporting tasks like permitting, customer selections, purchasing and budget maintenance. We recognize that expedient construction is vital to the relationship with our customers and a great way to increase our monthly profitability. It’s a wonder more builders haven’t figured this out.
Aesthetic and function design for timeless value.

Experience, qualifications and processes among the best in the industry.

Support services to aid and manage a professional design and build team.

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