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Lasting Value

Good value starts with a good price. The lowest cost isn't always the best value, but it’s a good place to start. The term “value” can mean something a little different to everyone asked.
Everyone defines good value a little differently, but to most it’s a balance between cost, performance and quality.

A home with Lasting Value should have these characteristics:
  • reasonable initial price and operating costs;
  • functional design and good performance;
  • low maintenance and durability, and;
  • timeless emotional and market appeal.

Cost-Saving Strategies
There are some strategies for achieving low initial cost that make sense if followed in steps.
  1. Design the home to be inexpensive to build.
  2. Evaluate needs and reduce emotional desires.
  3. Establish “preferred builder” status.
  4. Develop detailed specifications and work descriptions.
  5. Shop for the best price.

There are also strategies to consider to keep operation and maintenance costs in check.
  1. Capitalize on solar orientation and passive solar design techniques.
  2. Reduce energy demand and increase energy efficiency.
  3. Select low-maintenance products and use durable construction techniques.
  4. Follow Florida-friendly landscaping and irrigation recommendations.
  5. Perform routine maintenance and periodic performance checks.

Specifications compliment a set of construction drawings as the written description of work to be performed on a project.

There are two sides to the process of designing a home - aesthetic and functional. Good design is a function of understanding, what the customer likes, what they need and, what they can afford.

Energy efficiency starts with good design and a reduction of the demand for energy use.

The preferred builder is often rewarded by his trade contractors and suppliers.
Sustainable construction looks at the impact of a building over its entire lifetime, while optimizing its economic viability, performance and functionality.