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Innovative Design

"Form follows Function", means that the form, or appearance of a home is secondary to its function, or designed purpose.  Why design something that's beautiful if it doesn't perform well at its intended purpose?

Beautiful homes have an emotional attraction, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Good home design addresses the needs of its occupants and the characteristics of the property.  Frequently, solutions to design challenges result in the most beautiful homes.

With nearly 25 years experience helping our customers realize their dreams, we can help you discover the beauty behind a functional design. We can work directly with you or together with your design team, to help formulate a design that addresses your needs.

Additionally, we can provide accurate conceptual and preliminary estimates with no further obligation. Allow us to show you how our historical database of unit prices and structured estimating methods can produce reliable cost numbers to facilitate the decision process.
Adaptable Design
The ability of a home to meet multiple and changing needs of its occupants.

Building Science
The study of buildings and construction techniques.

Design Strategies
Considerations for development of plans for a custom home.

Energy Efficient Design
The design phase is the best place to achieve cost-effective energy savings.

Lifestyle Design Considerations
A home design should address the lifestyle and needs of its occupants.

Sustainable Construction
Design and construction methods to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

The Southern Home
Climate and environmental influences on the design of homes in the South.