One of the objects of our new website is to provide a source of information for our current and potential customers. The amount of information available related to home design and construction may seem a bit overwhelming. Just deciding what topics to feature was challenging.

Ultimately, many of the design and construction topics could be featured in multiple categories. Home building is an integrative process, whereby decisions about certain aspects and features of a home can have influences upon other areas - either positive or negative. Here's a list of topics that we feel are appropriate, but also for which we have passionate feelings:
Building Science -  Building Science is the study of buildings and construction techniques as they apply to the performance and sustainability of the structure.

Design Details - The design style of a home should reflect the personality of its owner.  We prefer designs with precedence from historical styles as both a means to belong within a community, and also to enhance the home's timeless appeal.

Functional Design "Form follows Function", means that the form, or appearance of a home is secondary to its function, or designed purpose.  Why design something that's beautiful if it doesn't perform well at its intended purpose?

Green Certification -  Green can mean something a little different to everyone:  To some it may be features added to a home that increase its efficiency or improve the air quality; To others it may be more of an attitude, a feeling of responsibility or a lifestyle choice; And some may see the long-term value in quality, sustainability or reduced maintenance. The common perspective to all is foresight.

Lasting Value - Lasting value starts with a good price. The lowest cost isn't always the best value, but it’s a good place to start. The term “value” can mean something a little different to everyone asked. Everyone defines good value a little differently, but to most it’s a balance between cost, performance and quality.

The Southern Home is our complimentary blog. Additional articles and information on the topics are available on the site.

Florida and the Gulf Coast have climate and environmental conditions that are unique from anywhere else in the United States. With energy efficiency and a new green awareness on the minds of many in the industry, building systems and construction techniques are evolving quickly.

It could be argued that Central-Florida may not have ever developed without Disney and the invention of air-conditioning. Our hot, humid climate makes life without AC nearly unbearable. Our unique environment creates demands on buildings that are unlike anywhere else in the country. Some requirements within the national building code are actually incorrect as they apply to homes built in Florida.

The Florida climate demands a strong understanding of building material performance and the role that each material plays in the overall building system. Building science has made big advances in recent years because of the realization that all the components must function together as a complete building system design.
Building Science
Building and construction technology.

Design Details
Personality and style of a home design.

Functional Design
Function and performance create good design.

Green Certification
Green construction and certification information.

Value Strategies
Strategies for achieving the best value.

Design and Construction Ideas and Information about Homes in the South. Florida and the Gulf Coast have unique climate and environmental conditions that have influenced the design of homes since long before air-conditioning was available. Lessons from “Olde Florida” vernacular design still apply today. With energy efficiency and a new green awareness on the minds of many in the industry, building systems and construction techniques are evolving forward with an eye on the past.