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Groninger Homes is a team of dedicated and ambitious professionals, with qualifications and experience second to none in the industry. We have built our reputation as a leader in the Central Florida home building community by our commitment to a "hands on" approach and attention to detail. Our objective is to deliver the dream... on time and within budget, and to exceed the expectations of our buyers.

To achieve this, Groninger Homes establishes close relationships with its buyers in the early stages of the building process. We recognize that each custom home should reflect the individuality and lifestyle of the buyer. We consistently communicate during each phase of construction and follow through with every detail to the buyer's satisfaction. Groninger Homes has long-term relationships with many seasoned professionals - architects, designers, sub-contractors and suppliers - to provide both the quality and detail that make every home we build special.

The achievements of the Groninger Homes team are combined with a diversity of talent and experience seldom found in custom home building companies. Our high standards and goal-oriented objectives have brought us recognition at the national, state and local levels. A long-term approach to our business relationships is evident as our circle of influence grows throughout the community, and we are actively involved in civic and industry organizations. The rewards from a successful business such as this, go far beyond monetary. The friendships, pride and recognition give us fulfillment that truly makes our work enjoyable.

Builder's Vision
Represent Winter Park as its favorite builder and one of its top citizens.
Provide exceptional service helping our customers build their dreams.

Mission Statement
  • Provide exceptional service and quality for a few gracious customers each year. 
  • Streamline the new home construction process with the use of detailed processes and hands-on relationships with our buyers and associates. 
  • Create new home designs and products that are unique, innovative and timeless.
  • Strive to consistently improve our strength and service through continuing education and open communication.
Groninger Homes Staff
In order to provide the quality and service that our customers deserve, we limit the number of homes we build and the distance that we travel from our office. Our staff and their responsibilities are organized to ensure our buyers have a pleasant home construction experience.

Keith Groninger oversees the construction of all of our homes and will personally visit the site to make sure your home is built to his demanding standards. He also acts as customer liaison and is available for meetings during the construction process. Keith develops the construction specifications, requirements and procedures that will be used by the sub-contractors and suppliers for the construction of your home.

An additional service that we provide is that of a working foreman. Norman "Butch" Gamache is a skilled trim carpenter on our staff full-time. He installs the trim carpentry and millwork in our homes as well as many specialized functions. This positions him at the home site during the phases when it's most important to have an extra set of eyes and ears. Since he performs tasks that we would normally be paying a subcontractor to perform, we avoid the extra cost and provide a better service at the same time.

Angela Whitney is our office manager. One of her main responsibilities is to help our customers keep organized. You will have many decisions to make. There is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be generated, organized and distributed in order for the construction of a new home to run smoothly. We have found that the administration of this information has a tremendous impact on our ability to perform as your builder. As a result we put much emphasis on our systems and procedures.

The Best Builder in Winter Park
re-printed from Orlando Magazine

"The Best Builder in Winter Park" - That's what the custom marble plaque above Keith Groninger's desk says. Joe and Anne Pepe presented the plaque to Keith and the staff of Groninger Custom Homes, Inc. upon the completion of their custom home in Winter Park. Retired now after a very successful career in real estate development, Joe and his wife Anne have had several homes built over the years. The Pepes' decision to use Groninger Homes was based on the systems and procedures that they use to keep the construction process organized, combined with the hands-on and personal approach provided by the small but highly qualified staff.

"I was destined to do what I do. My mom tells me I've been drawing home plans since I was seven years old," recalls Groninger. "I had a dream of becoming a builder and now I help other people's dreams come true."

During their twenty-five-plus years in business, Groninger Homes has won many awards and has been frequently recognized as a leader in the community. "Achievements are admirable", states Groninger "but if they don't benefit the customer, they don't hold much value in business". Keith and the staff at Groninger Homes feel that they have unique characteristics that benefit their customers.
Norman "Butch" Gamache
Angela Whitney

Design and Construction Ideas and Information about Homes in the South. Florida and the Gulf Coast have unique climate and environmental conditions that have influenced the design of homes since long before air-conditioning was available. Lessons from “Olde Florida” vernacular design still apply today. With energy efficiency and a new green awareness on the minds of many in the industry, building systems and construction techniques are evolving forward with an eye on the past.
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