Classroom Expectations and Procedures

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Classroom Expectations/Procedures

7th Grade Mathematics 2008-2009

Mrs. Lefler


Welcome to seventh grade mathematics at Gordon-Rushville Middle School!  Please read through the following expectations and procedures and ask any questions that you may have.  Thanks!




1.     Please respect all people and their belongings; respect school property. 

2.    Please be ready and help class to start on time.

3.    Please come to class prepared with a pencil, paper, assignment, and reading book.

4.    Please complete all assignments and keep your binder organized and complete. 

5.    Please have a positive attitude toward yourself and others.


Choosing not to comply with these expectations means that you are choosing to receive a consequence.  Consequences are based on the actions and circumstances but may include the following: 

·The student is removed from the room and goes to the floater teacher’s room or to the principal’s office.  Parents may be called and the student may stay after school.

·If a behavior referral form is completed by the teacher, the student will attend detention after school.




1.  Check the board when you enter to see what you should start on.


2.  I highly recommend that you complete assignments in pencil.  Sloppy, unorganized assignments will not be accepted.


3.  Always show all work on math problems.  In math, the process is more important than the product and you will receive credit for effort.



4.  Answer all word problems with complete sentences and use correct grammar, conventions, etc.  


5.  Bring something productive to work on, such as a reading book, if you have spare time in class.


6.  Turn completed assignments in to the in-box when you enter the room at the beginning of class. 


7.  If you are absent, you need to pick up your missed work from the make-up work box and copy the notes that you missed.  You are greatly encouraged to visit me during work time in class or before/after school to get help with what you missed.    


8.  To help students be successful, students may be required to stay after school.


9.  If you receive below a 70% on a test, redo it for a score of 70%. 


10.  If you need to go to the locker or to the restroom . . .


·  Please wait until an appropriate time during class.  For example, do not ask during class discussion time.  (If it is an emergency – just leave the room.)

·  Quietly ask for permission, get a pass, and sign out.  Sign back in when you return.

·  Please, only one student out of the classroom at a time.

·  Passes out of the room are a privilege – don’t abuse it.


11.  It is a good idea to bring bottled water with you to class.  (Pop, Gatorade, etc. are for special occasions only.)  You may have gum, but please be responsible and appropriate.


Grading Policy:


Homework is a learning tool; therefore, a daily homework assignment is weighted approximately one-tenth of a chapter test.  Homework will be assessed with the following procedure:


          On an average, eight problems from the homework assignment will be formally assessed.  These problems will be chosen because they are representative of the entire assignment.  A percentage will be assigned in the following manner:

                   All correct            100%

                   One missed            100%

                   Two missed            95%

                   Three missed         90%

                   Four missed           85%

                   Five missed           80%


     If six or more are missed, other problems will be assessed to checked

for understanding.  If the majority of other problems are also missed, you

will receive a 30% as an interim grade and will be asked to redo some or all of the assignment.


    For incomplete assignments you could receive a grade ranging from 70% to 0%.




1.     The provided binders will be stored in the classroom.


2.    Pick up your binder when you enter the room and put it away neatly before leaving the room.


3.    Your binders are for storing warm-up activities, notes, graded assignments, and graded homework quizzes.  More sections may be added throughout the year.


4.    Store everything in your binder in the appropriate section with the most recent in front.


Late Assignments


1.  You should hand in your assignment to the in-box at the beginning of class.  However, you may need time to ask questions; and therefore, the assignment must be in the in-box by no later than the end of class on the due date.


2.  Each student will receive three "Late but Lucky" cards that can be handed in with a late assignment and the assignment will not be docked in points.  Lost cards cannot be replaced.


3.  Late assignments will be docked to a 70%.  Students who hand in 10 late assignments will only be able to receive a 20% on all late assignments for the rest of the year. 


4.  All missing assignments must be turned in before the chapter test.   


Additional Resources for Students and Parents (also described in the parent letter ):


1.      The Seventh Grade Mathematics website, created by Mrs. Lefler for students and parents, can be located through the  site or by entering as the web address.  The main goals of this site are to provide students and parents with the following:

·       A general overview of the seventh grade math curriculum.

·       A resource of websites, including short videos, chosen by Mrs. Lefler as helpful tutorials/reviews covering math concepts throughout the year.

·       Links to online games chosen by Mrs. Lefler for their capacity to help students better understand math concepts and to master skills.

·       An online assignment book where students and parents can look up daily homework. 

·       General classroom information.

2.    Mrs. Lefler has entered many of the chapter tests into an online service called QuizLab.  The benefits of QuizLab for students are that students will gain immediate feedback upon completing a test and they will experience online testing – a strongly growing movement across the world in standardized testing.


3.    Takehome Teacher is a homework handbook, not a textbook, for students and parents.  This resource explains math concepts and skills in an easy to understand format.  Visit to read testimonials by students and parents and view a news video showing Takehome Teacher in action. 


In addition to these resources, I also want to encourage you and your parents to visit the Gordon-Rushville website at and print off and complete an Infinite Campus Use Agreement.  Access to Infinite Campus will enable you to view your progress in school – including grades and attendance.    


I am very excited to get to know each of you, and I believe we will have a great time learning from each other.  During our school year I hope to see you asking questions and taking ownership of your learning.  You are very welcome to email me with any questions. 


Please fill out the contact information sheet.  Returning the completed form is your first assignment.


Parents and guardians, if you have questions or concerns at anytime, please call me at the Gordon-Rushville Middle School at 327-2491 or email me by clicking here .


Thank you,


Mrs. Lefler

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