lauren hicks



I paint and I draw. It’s what I do as an artist. Sometimes I make work that I need an explanation to help myself understand what just came out. Sometimes I find just the feelings I experience while admiring the work is all I’ll ever understand. I make these images because I need to see what’s inside. I feel that my artwork is the best equivalent to a video of my subconscious. Some of it is much easier to grasp than other scenes. My work is supposed to strike a cord whether it’s a small cord like the feeling of in taking fresh air or a big cord like deep sorrow.


Jellyfish to me seems to express the social needs and desires in my life. Needing friends, needing to be close but being scared to get hurt. They seem to me to show that memorizing feeling you get when you see someone you want to know but then you recognize that this person could possibly hurt you.


Figures help me to express things more directly. I use them when I clearly know what I want to say. The pain of losing another or that fear of getting close to someone you look up to.  Sometimes my figures are abstracted simply because I didn’t understand what I was saying until I had already finished the thought.


My artwork is my outlet to understanding myself. I continue down this path because I believe others might need these windows into the subconscious too. I make art to see myself and to let others see me better.


Lauren Hicks