Welcome to our Media Centers!


Griswold Community School District
K-12 Library/Media Program

The mission of the Griswold Community School District Library/Media Program is to provide a welcoming, enthusiastic environment that supports and provides learning opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

To achieve this mission the school library/media center will:

·         Provide all members of our learning community access to a bright, welcoming, well-organized learner-centered environment.

·         Collaborate with teachers, administrators, staff and parents to provide media skills that help promote student achievement and learning that extends beyond the school walls.

·         Provide information literacy instruction through a K-12 library/media curriculum that is integrated with classroom content.

·         Provide information resources in many formats – both print and electronic – to meet the teaching and learning needs of the curriculum, as well as provide the necessary technology to access and utilize resources, both in the media center and beyond its walls.

·         Communicate library/media programs, resources, accomplishments and needs to all stakeholders on a regular basis.

·         Provide adequate staff and funding to serve our learning community to the fullest capacity.