Fall 2015

Educators will be involved in small group book studies to increase their knowledge of either 1. The use of technology to positively impact student learning using the book Authentic Learning in the Digital Age or 2. Deepen their understanding of quality questioning using the book Thinking Through Quality Questioning: Deepening Student Engagement (Teacher Choice between the two resources based on their Individual Career Development Plan goals). Educators will develop an implementation plan based on the content of the book. They will implement strategies in their classroom and discuss the implementation with their colleagues in their learning team. 

They will keep a learning log aligned to each chapter in the book identifying the strategies address and key ideas. Each teacher will track student progress related to the new instructional strategies they are implementing in the classroom. All work will be document on Griswold Teacher PD site at https://sites.google.com/a/griswoldschools.org/griswold-professional-development/book-study-learning-logs

First Sememster 2014-15

Mastery Connect

MasteryConnect is an on-line program that will allow teachers to align the Iowa Core curriculum and National Standards. Mastery connect will benefit us two fold. 1.) It will allow us to create an ongoing curriculum map of Iowa Core Standards and National Standards. 2.) It will allow teachers to assess standards they are teaching which can drive decision-making on instruction and MTSS for individual students. 


Second Semester 2015

Authentic Intellectual Work Professional Development 

The goal of professional development is to increase student learning by engaging students in authentic intellectual work. Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) is defined by three criteria-construction of knowledge, through disciplined inquiry, to produce discourse, products, and performance that have value beyond school. During the second semester the MS/HS will focus on the standard of Higher Order Thinking. The AIW Local Coaches will facilitate the learning.