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What was the Impact of Concentration Camps?


Most of the people who survived lost 50 to 60 percent of their body weight. In Poland, in the first seven months after the war, more than 500 Jews, who returned to their homes, were killed. Their families and friends, and in some cases, their entire communities had been wiped out. 

With no where else to turn many survivors fled to displaced persons camps, which had been made by the Allies at the sites of former concentration camps in Western Europe.  These sheltered more than 10 million people who were left homeless. 

Only 11 percent of Jewish children survived the Holocaust. Most of them went into hiding, but some managed to survive the concentration camps. Many found their homes demolished, and even those that remained standing were often occupied by strangers who didn’t want to give them back to their owners.There were 11 million people who died in the concentration camps.