Primary Sources

Continental Congress Sources


The Declaration of Independence

The original

Stone cut copy

Leaders of the Continental Congress--
John Adams, Morris, Hamilton, Jefferson

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

The Articles of Confederation

The original

An early printed copy



Read the Library of Congress' Introduction to Political Ephemera Collection to learn about political ephemera in general and political broadsides in particular.

"Historically, broadsides have been used to inform the public about current news events, publicize official proclamations and government decisions, announce and record public meetings and entertainment events, advocate political and social causes, advertise products and services, and celebrate popular literary and musical efforts." -- from the Library of Congress' "Introduction to Political Ephemera Collection"

Broadside Example 1                    Broadside Example 2                    Broadside Example 3

Assignment: Compose a broadside in which you convey your support of or opposition to the ratification of the Articles of Confederation.

Writings of James Madison

 James Madison, 4th president of the United States, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

Vices of the Political System of the U. States

original       transcript

Federalist No. 10

original        transcript