What do you think about K.D. Lang and how she portrays the leonard Cohen piece

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Tenacious D take many ideas from their favourite bands. Who influenced their passion in music and what makes their music unique?

Dates to Remember

- NZ Army Band
 - Katie Thompson Workshop
- Variety Show

Practice Times
Choir - Monday Lunch
Rock Start - Thursday After School
Supported Study - Wednesday After school 1505 - 1605

All held in the Music Department

Katie Thompson

West Coasts Katie Thompson is coming to Greymouth High School to run a workshop with our senior students. 

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What moments of music do you remember the most? Memories can be both good and bad, but when we make music we can stop the pain, and create happiness.

NCEA Year Plan

 Listen to Elton John, one of the most influential musicians in the 20th century

What did Elton John do differently with music? How did he change the music scene?