欢迎!这是 Greymouth 高中的网站.

Welcome to the Greymouth High School Mandarin site. 

你好, 我姓 Coutts,叫 Su. 今年我是Greymouth High School的普通话老师. 我知道一下中文。
Hello, I am Su Coutts. I am Greymouth High School's Mandarin teacher this year. I know a little bit of Mandarin as I have studied it at first and second year level at University. I welcome advice and comments on my work, and tips to keep the language current.

2016 debuted our year 9 Mandarin Module. Hopefully 2017 will see this module continue to be popular and a debut of the year 10 Mandarin course. We are excited to have classes that offer a taster of Mandarin and the Chinese culture. 

Greymouth High School is a 1:1 device school where students will experience learning and share their learning with devices. Due to this, it is important that students understand the need to be responsible digital citizens and learn cyber safety. I hope the following presentation will help with this.

Cybersmart Overview

So why should students have at least a taster of Mandarin? In an ever changing world where people are moving around more easily than ever, our young people are going to be coming into contact with languages and culture more frequently. I believe it would be good for them to understand basic differences between cultures to enable us to have more open minds towards each other. The West Coast of New Zealand is experiencing an increase of Mandarin speaking tourists in particular. Courtesy of Asia New Zealand, the following video clip mentions other reasons for learning Asian languages.

Equipping your child to thrive in the Asian century-HD.mp4