Term 1 Photography Activities

Year 13 week 1 

Introduction to the standard and sort of work expected at Level 3 NZQA Photography.

Each student uses a large piece of paper to mind map possibilities for the co-construction of their visual investigation.

Check computors are working
To blog or slide?
Go on Photoshop 
Go through basics - clean black and white, mid-tones, focus 

Look at Level 2 Portfolios and talk about printing quality

Look up NZQA Level 3 Exemplars and read 3 reviews by clicking this link Term 1 Photography Activities
Pick a portfolio that looks closest to the way you work?
What Photographers did the examiners mention?

Week 1: 12 & 13 Photography

study based on Fiona Pardington

Week 2 Fiona Pardington
Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation | City Gallery Wellington City Gallery Wellington1000 × 750Search by image

Week 3: Fiona Pardington portraits leading into Christine Webster
Christine Webster Photography
Christine Webster Photography

Week 4: Hannah Hoch
Hannah Hock Photography
Hannah Hock Photography

Week 5: David Hockney
Week 6 Rodchenko
Week 7: Magritte
Week 8: Thomas Barbey
Week 9: Ansel Adams/Craig Potton
Week 10: Ans Westra

Term 1 Photography Learning

Week 1
Confirm Roll
Compile a camera list
Discuss Cameras
Discuss photography software options and what will work for us as a class
Make a software list of who can get what?
Sort out Photography books
Look at Darkroom, explain lighting
Costumes and props
Photos at home and edit at school

Explain how NCEA Photography works 
Explain assessments
Look up school web page
Look up class web page

Staged, Dramatic Lighting

Shallow Depth of field
Sharp focus and blur

Artist 1
Fiona Pardington
Who is she:
Where does she come from:
What does she take photos of:
What is shallow depth of field:
Task 1 In the style of Fiona Pardington's still life museum pieces s that symbolise the Using found items from around the room, construct a series of photographs.

Puffa Fish

Metal objects

Examples by Mr Dempster

Print them out and present them for a group discussion.

Week 2

Set up a small still life (from objects from the class or home) in the style of Fiona Pardington. Set up the still life somewhere it is catching some dramatic light and shadow, photograph them on any of our cameras, load them, edit them basically if needed?

Then we will print a contact sheet using the printing wizard.print them from there. 

Next we will look at taking portraits using dramatic lighting that links to Fiona Pardington from Art History.  Look Painted Portraits by Caravaggio.

How do photographs communicate without using words?  Describe how you read this print?
Mr Lawton by Mr Dempster, 2016
Detective, by Zeb, 2017

Topic: The camera as a drawing tool
Genre: Portrait
Teaching: Mr Dempster will work with students, in a learning circle, to demonstrate each step.
Support: 1 A3 or A4 visual diary page or digital sheet divided into 12 squares
instruction: use all of the elements, in each row, in the table below to draw a part of the face.
Aim: to implicitly use established artist techniques processes and procedures towards AS 2.2 PHO or 2.3 PHO.

Eye brows 
jaw line

All students see if they can get on Google Sites for 
2 and Level 3 GHS Photography classes.

Discuss some camera settings
Shutter speed

Discuss foreground, middle and background
Make a written/sketched plan to take a photograph
Take photographs based on the plan

Share copies of course with students 
Students make a copy
Share back to Mr Dempster
Introduction to Depth of Field, F stop, Foreground, middle 
and background.

Week 3
Revision of Depth of field etc.

Make a new slide or page that describes DOF, F/S, F-M-B.

Take some photos that investigate depth-of-field.  Choose 
one example that shows in a visually interesting way F-M-B.

Complete portrait using multiple parts of the face.

Look at the face from different depths of field.

Show class what Hapara evidence looks like.

Look at Andy Warhol's portrait of Marilyn Munroe
Shoot a well-lit image of a friend or selfie to make your own Warhol 'Marilyn'.

Week 4

Photography Quiz

Complete burning in and dodging for Fiona Pardington study.
Print Fiona Pardington studies.

Homework task  
Take photographs based on the following NZQA established Photography models

Brian Brake
Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, 1960, New Zealand, by Brian Brake. Gift of Wai Man Lau, 2010. Te Papa (CT.062484)

Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams – Landscape photography

Craig Potton
Craig Potton Photography - Tahunanui Beach

Robin Morrison
Robin Morrison Photography

Laurence Aberhart Photography
Laurence Aberhart Photography.

Peter Preyer Photography
Peter Preyer Photography from interview on National Radio

1. What is the large ring on the lens
Zoom ring

2. What is the ring on the end of the lens?
Focus ring

3. What is the de-detachable glass plane on the end of the camera?

4. What does the M on the lens mean
Manual focus 

5. What did the Tv on the selection dial mean?
Shutter speed
Controls how fast the shutter opens and closes

6. What happens if the shutter is at 1/4?

7. What does the + and - line on the display control?
Light and exposure
- = under exposure, too dark
+ = over exposure, too light
0 = just right

8. What does Av mean? 
Compensate light
Focal range 

9. What does the M on the dial control?
Shutter speed and Aperture

Artist model: David Hockney 
Technique: Multiple prints of same face
Genre: Portrait

Looking at the same scene multiple times.

Multiple views of 1 portrait in the style of David Hockney

Friday workbook check:

Foreground print
Foreground, middle and background print
Part of the face print
Andy Warhol Print
David Hockney Print

Portraits: Fiona Pardington and Roberta Thornley 
Technique: dramatic Light 
Genre: Portrait

Week 5
1. Complete and present David Hockney prints.

Fiona Pardington - photographer

Level 2 
Use Pardington's use of dramatic lighting to complete a portrait.

Week 6
Option 2018
1) Students complete artist studies thus far
Last lesson was a Study from Tuen Hocks 
 Portrait based on Hannah Hocks, 

Max Earnst, 

Herbert Bayer

Jerry Uelsmann

2) Mr Dempster will discuss montage photography

Week 7
Revision from last week, look at Mr Dempster's exemplar he did for homework

Consider how you could make a study using an image of yourself or a friend and various elements from around our school?

Artist: Robin Kahukiwa
Technique: Portrait with famous artwork 

Open up your slide
Make a glossary slide
Look up assessment schedules for 2.2 PHO and 3.2 PHO
Look up explanatory notes
make a new slide titled 'Themes'
Make a bubble at the top of the page
Brain Storm themes

Brian Storm
David Hockney - Mulitple photos of the same thing
Robin Morrison - 
Robyn Kahukiwa - Portrait with Pyramid composition 
Andy Warhol - Pop Art portrait
Fiona Pardington - Dramatic lighting
Craig Potton - Sublime Landscape 
Alexander Rodchenko - Angles
Bill Armstrong - Blur 
Imogen Cunningham - Dramatically lit portraits

Examples of themes
Flight - Plane, People in the air, Superman, Paper Planes, Air Balloons
Bullets, Birds, Wonder Woman, Drone Photography, Horse in flight over jump - pegasus
Artistic Portraits - Choose a painting to turn into a photo 
Telling a Story - A Crumbling House, a Change of Emotion, 
Natural Light/Soft/Detail
Documenting Experimentation 
Showing an emotion, or telling a story using Lego
Compositional Framing 

Link Photographers to themes
Write down potential ideas
Choose one to make a bubble chart 
Write down possible links in new bubbles
Write down different aspects to do with the words
Look at prompts on the wall

2. Artist: Bill Hammond
Technique: Background dribbling in turquoise in photoshop and image sampling.
Additional 1: Bird head study
Additional 2: Standing figure study
Additional 3: Combine 1 & 2 on BH background
Genre: Mythical

Artist: Kelly Wilson
Technique: Natural light
Genre: Animals  

Artist: Robin Morrison
Technique: texture  

Week 7
Year 13 students and any Year 12 students that want to?  Look through the large folder with NZQA photographer models, discuss and record which photographers you can investigate to help your photography.

Level 2 Students start completing the task sheets for 2.2 Pho

Week 8
Hannah Hock Montage
Look at Hannah Hock photographic collages
Identify the subject matter
Choose 1 thing you could base a Hannah Hock collage on?
Your Pets and you
Your Horses
Your family

Max Ernst, the author of a collage graphic novel, Une Semaine de Bonté(1934), once said: “Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.”

Artist: Craig Potton
Genre: Landscape  
Technique: sublime 
Artist: Claudia Pond Eley
Genre: Culture 
Technique: Composition

Week 9
Look at and discuss NZQA exemplars for 2.2 and 3.2 PHO.

Go through a check list of all that needs to be completed for assessment.

Students complete work for assessment.

Week 10
Setting (making) up a light box for photography for fun Friday

Take multiple photos to construct a montage of a hand controlling a puppet with strings from the giant hand to the arms, head and legs of the puppet.

Week 11

Assessment week

Look at artist models for multiple face parts photographic assemblage as a class, to make a composite portrait based on artist models.

 Technique Artist media Details from the left side of face Details from the right side of face
 colour saturation Andy Warhol Adjust colour saturation left eye 
 adjust light and darkness to create stronger contrastMarti Friedlander Image adjust Mouth 
 Adjust thresholdTuen Hocks Use threshold adjustment nose 
 De-saturate colours Roberta

 Use colour adjustmentchin and neck
 Smudge surface Di French  ear 
 Scale Surrealist
Rene Magritte

 Freda Khalo  Eyebrows 
  Magaritte Dawson  Cheeks 
  Vermeer   Hair 


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