L  E  A  R  N  C  R  E  A  T  E  S  H  A  R  E      G  H  S

The purpose of this website is to support students to share their learning and develop their knowledge and understanding through blogging for an authentic audience. Sharing to improve and develop their ideas enables students greater ownership of their learning, increases engagement in learning, and when used in conjunction with the learn create share approach, improves learning outcomes. Effective blogging is also a vehicle for developing 'Cybersmarts', supporting students with positive and proactive strategies to successful navigate a digital world.

Student Digital Portfolio Links -
 Find the links to every Greymouth High School student's digital learning portfolio, organised by year level, then alphabetically according to first name. 

Key Labels -
 Students add labels to every post they make on their blogs, the 'key label' is a way of organising all posts from one course onto one blog page.
Blogging Tips - Find resources at this link that explain how to use Blogger and what blogging is; how to get started making great blog posts and how to comment and reply effectively on student blogs to develop learning conversations; how to post different types of digital media, including digital learning objects and other creative responses; and what effective blogging looks like in different subject areas and at different learning levels.

Cybersmart - Links to information and lessons promoting proactive strategies to support teens to successfully navigate a digital world, and develop an online identity and digital footprint that they can be proud of. Lessons are supported by different curriculum areas.