Gopherpalooza is an event at Gresham High School where students present unique, innovative, original projects that demonstrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Students participate and compete in the following categories:

The Rube Goldberg Category is intended to provide a means of discovery of physics and engineering concepts and methods.

The category description covers the device construction, the use of simple machines, and the written sequence requirements

The Invention Category is intended to provide a general area for an innovative solution to a problem, or a new single item invention.

The category description covers the illustrative design detail, the understanding of the invention's use and benefits, and design prototype construction.

The Science Fiction category is intended to provide a means of sharing fictional science writing.
Good science fiction defines or declares alternative physical rules or thought processes for the environment, and then is consistent to those rules throughout the story.

Additionally, good science fiction has a good story!

The Environmental Innovation category is intended to provide a means of sharing environmentally innovative ideas.

These ideas may be new products, procedures, inventions, promotional projects, etc.

The Reverse Engineering Category is intended to provide a means of discovery of engineering concepts and methods

The participant must take something apart and learn how it works, then explain it!

The participant in the robotics category must design a device (a robot) that accomplishes a specific purpose repeatedly and autonomously or via remote control.

Robotics teaches practical engineering, technology, and math concepts.

Scientific Inquiry is the basic experimentation category.

The items pertaining to this category cover Scientific Methodology, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment Design, Data Collection and Analysis.

Ideas on this page were borrowed from http://www.stemexpo.org/.