Bringing the "Internet of things" to your home. 

In the coming year Gregor Technologies is dedicated to teaching people how to build a better website, (including ours) and blog pages. Our goal is to help people monetize their hobby or passion into a funded page with advertising that can be a real benefit in these uncertain times. Many of my sewing and quilting customers are now blogging their interests and earning money with advertising on their page. This is a great way to do something you are passionate about and make a little extra on the side.  Also, I am offering other services in application development and fun with robotics. I have 43 years of business and mechanical experience and more than 30 years of computer systems development. I hold a Master's in Information Systems and photography and design degrees.  

My favorite place to visit, San Francisco, CA.

Please call for an appointment 1+863-326-3213 or email