Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the natural way is said to be the better way, Nitric oxide supplementation can provide more than what you might be able to consume in a day, helping to deliver essential components for nitric oxide production.
For N.O supplements:
-  Supplements are much faster and more efficient.
- Research has shown that N. O helps weight gain.

- N.O helps to retain lean body mass. 
- Recovery from training and workouts becomes faster and there is a better post- workout pump.
- The rapid absorption of nitric oxide makes it ideal for pre- workout supplementation.
- Amino acid content of the supplements increases protein synthesis in the muscles which increases muscle gain.
- Although it may not be of particular benefit to athletes, N. O may play a role in improving chronic disease symptoms such as high blood pressure or other artery disease.

- There are no severe health implications from taking the supplements. 

Against N. O supplements:
- Could give you headaches, nausea or cause water retention.
-Is dangerous when taken in combination with blood pressure medication such as Capoten, Cozar or HydroDIURIL as blood pressure could fall too low.
- The short half- life of N. O means that it does not stay in the system for long, the supplement needs to be taken frequently.
 - More research needs to be carried out to fully recommend supplements and conclude on their effectiveness. This is because current research is not strong enough and fully controlled.
 - Because these supplements contain amino acids, long- term use could be linked to problems that correlate with excess amino acids.
 - It needs to be considered that body- building benefits are still largely unproven, information and positive comments from body- building websites, supplement websites and articles could be both bias and innacurate to their true effects.