The Fine Arts Center Theatre Program is a place where you can explore the art and craft of theatre and performance. You can find your place. You can discover your strengths and develop a plan for your future. Whether you continue in theatre after your time at the Fine Arts Center or choose another career path, your experience here will serve you well in your next step.

In the Fine Arts Center Theatre program, students try their hand at the craft of theatre in a 4400 square foot black box, where everything is flexible and almost anything is possible (or at least attemptable).

Every incoming theatre student begins in either the Theatre Foundations class (8am), Beginning Theatre Ensemble or the Beginning Technical Theatre class (both 9:15am). Theatre Foundations gives students an opportunity to investigate the literature, techniques, and methods of theatre without the constant pressure of performing. Focus is evenly split between academic and practical applications, with daily experience in both.

The afternoon class works in a pre-professional/collegiate manner. Second, third, and fourth year students become more specialized in their chosen fields, while continuing to study the larger theatrical spectrum. Performers receive in-depth training in acting, movement, voice and speech. Technical students train in lighting, scenic, sound and costume design. Stage and theatre management are also examined.

Both the Beginning and Advanced Ensembles perform regularly for public audiences in a variety of ways: formal productions, informal presentations, school showcases, and even events in the community. Technical students gain experience working Theatre performances, as well as every other event at the Fine Arts Center. All theatre students are encouraged to work in Greenville's many local theatres and in their home high school programs. Field trips and guest artists add to a well-rounded theatrical education.

To audition for the program, fill out the online application by the January deadline (usually available by mid-October every year). Theatre auditions will be held in February, with a callback and final decisions made by mid-March. Students considering a performance focus should prepare a monologue of no longer than 90 seconds, from a published play that they have read, with which they can connect and show what they do best. Any special skills (singing, dancing, original material, etc.) may also be shown.  For students interested in technical theatre, a rèsumè describing any previous theatrical experience (technical and other) should be presented. Portfolios and photographs are welcomed. Technical students must also prepare a monologue (no longer than a minute) from a published play that they have read.

Please feel free to contact a Theatre instructor with any questions. Please refer to the main calendar for performance dates.