Audition Information

Will Rawlinson, Example preliminary recording, 2021

Audition Information for Strings Chamber Music: 2023-24

Audition Procedures:

Please only apply to the Fine Arts Center if you can commit to following the application and audition instructions, checking your email and your Backpack account regularly, and showing up to your audition time if you are offered an audition.


In order to receive an audition with us, you must be a student in good standing at your school.  We will look at your discipline record and grades to ensure that you will be a successful student in the rigorous, independent learning environment of the FAC.


*Students who will not be attending a GCS High School next year - Charter School, Home School, Private School, Virtual School:



Weekend Audition/Portfolio Workshops: 10:00-12:00, FAC

November 11

December 9

January 13

Audition Deadlines for Applications: 

Links to websites:

FAC Website

Greenville County Schools 

Parent Backpack

Student Backpack 

What is the audition committee listening for?

1. Beautiful tone - the player has a mature sound for their age.

2. Rhythm - high degree of accuracy, little or no errors

3. Intonation - strong sense of pitch, accurate notes that are in-tune or close to in-tune

4. Articulation - student performs all articulations with mature style and accuracy

5. Direction of the music - student performs expressively, playing with dynamics and phrasing

Audition Requirements: (In person auditions only)

Suggested Audition Repertoire: 

Please do not perform orchestra music -- only pieces from solo repertoire. 

NOTE: The following pieces are only suggestions.  Perform what you are most comfortable playing, even if you have contrasting pieces from books one, or two material.  Please consult a private teacher, or Jennifer John if you have questions.

Violin: Suzuki, Book 3 and higher. Barber, Book 3 and up. Vivaldi and Bach, concertos, Bach, Six Sonatas and Partitas, Mozart Concertos, Kabalevsky, Concerto, in C. Bruch Concerto, Lalo, Symphonie, Espagnole. 

Viola: Suzuki, Book 3 and higher, Barber, Solos for Young Violists, Book 3 and up, Telemann, Concerto, Hoffmeister, Concerto, Bach, Suites. 

Cello: Bach, Suites, Suzuki, Book 3 and up, Vivaldi, Concertos, Bruch, Kol Nidre, Popper, Hungarian Rhapsody, Saint Saens, Concerto

Bass: Vivaldi, Sonatas, Cupuzzi, Concerto, Koussevitzky, Concerto, Saint Saens, "The Elephant and Tortoises."