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Grading Policy

Wade Hampton HS Grading Scale
A -- 93-100
B -- 85-92
C -- 77-84
D -- 70-76

Nine Week Grades
  • Minor Assessments: homework, classwork, and quizzes -- 40% 
  • Major Assessments: unit tests, projects, and presentations -- 60%

Final Semester Grade
  • 1st Nine Weeks -- 40% 
  • 2nd Nine Weeks -- 40% 
  • Final Course Exam -- 20%
Attendance and Assignment Policy
Attendance is vital to students' success in this course and all other classes. I will follow all policies outlined in the student handbook with regard to absences and tardiness (pg 22-24). If the student has an excused (lawful) absence, he will be given an extension equaling the number of days absent. For example, if a student missed two days of school, all assignments and classwork would be due two days after his return to school. If an absence occurs during a major assessment, students are required to complete the assessment within five school days of returning. Students must arrange to makeup tests before or after school. Late assignments will be deducted 20% and are not accepted after progress reports or report cards have been submitted. It is the students’ responsibility to get class notes from the class website or from a peer in the class.