AP Human Geography

Course Description
Welcome to AP Human Geography! Over the next semester we will discover the ways in which geography shapes every facet of how humans interact with the each other and the physical environment. This college-level course focuses on preparing students for the AP Human Geography test on May 13th, 2016 by providing comprehensive coverage of the College Board curriculum and test taking strategies. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by achieving high marks on the exam. While preparing for the exam is a central goal of the course, students can also look forward to deepening their knowledge of the world around them through the study of human geography. Major course concepts include using and interpreting maps and spatial data, understanding the impacts of population growth and decline, analyzing the patterns and processes of cultural differences, identifying different scales of political organization, examining major agricultural production regions, analyzing patterns of industrialization and their impacts on development, and a detailed look at cities and urban geography. While the course meets for one semester, students should be prepared to continuously review the curriculum (independently and with peers) until the AP exam is given on May 13th, 2016.

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