The ARMES Dance Program is geared to encourage each student's creativity through an in-depth study of dance. The focus is on developing dancers who are unique as artists, dancers who are not clones of their training, but individuals who have discovered their own qualities, vision and style. The teacher's focus is to go beyond rote Instruction and tap the student's deep creative energies. The student's focus is to attend to the basic four areas of training:

I. Technical skills
II. Improvisational skills
III. Choreographic skills
IV. Performance skills

These skills must be developed simultaneously in order for the dancer to emerge as his or her own person and to have fulfillment as a creative artist.

The curriculum on the elementary level provides introduction to dance through the course of creative movement and introductory ballet. Exploration of the body as an instrument for dance is stressed through awareness of the dance elements. The middle school level provides continued study of creative dance and ballet with stronger emphasis on modern dance, jazz, and theatrical dance. Cognitive awareness of technique, proper body alignment, flexibility, strength, endurance and kinesiology are addressed. This program uses the guidelines set by the SC Framework for the Arts and those described by the National Dance Association and the National Dance Education Organization. Professional guest artists and attendance at dance concerts of professional and regional companies enhance the program.