Syllabus 2019-20

Greer Middle School

Mrs. Nena Barnett

Special Education Resource/Inclusion

6th & 7th Grade

2019-2020 Course Syllabus


Teacher’s Daily Schedule:

8:30am – 8:40am – Attendance/Announcements

8:40am – 9:30am – 1st Period – 6th Grade Math w/Ms. Meyer

9:30am – 10:24am – 2nd Period – 6th Grade Literacy Lab

10:32am – 11:37am – 3rd Period – 7th Grade ELA w/Ms. Cleys

11:37am - 1:25pm – 4th Period – Lunch/Planning

1:27pm - 2:20pm – 5th Period – 6th Grade Literacy Lab

2:20pm - 3:15pm – 6th Period – 7th Grade ELA w/Mrs. Owens

3:25pm - 3:30pm - Dismissal

Course Description:

During the 2019-2020 school year, my students will be actively engaged in addressing the academic goals outlined in their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Their curriculum is designed to remediate academic and behavioral deficits, enable successful completion of the grade course of study, and facilitate preparation for the appropriate middle school program. This will be accomplished by using South Carolina standards for their appropriate level and following their IEP. A variety of instructional approaches will be employed to accommodate student diversity. Each student will receive a quarterly update on their IEP objective progress along with their progress reports/report cards.

Description of Students:

The students I teach have weaknesses in a variety of areas. Some of them have learning, emotional, visual, and other health impairment weaknesses. The areas they may qualify in are reading, writing, math, oral/listening communication, and/or behavior. My students may qualify for more than one of these areas. They all have an Individual Education Plan that a committee agrees on to determine the goals and objectives the students work towards mastery throughout the school year. When students turn 13 years old they will also have transition goals that help them make career decisions.

Instructional Goals:

The instructional goals for this class include a variety of areas. First, it is important for the students to get remediated in their areas of weaknesses. Each student has accommodations that help them to be successful, so it is important for each student to become self-advocates to ensure their accommodations are met. These students are on a diploma track. Each day the students should have their agendas filled out for each class explaining what was taught and the homework that is required. It is imperative that each student be prepared daily with materials. We will be working on test taking strategies and study skills throughout the school year.

Learning Levels:

I am co-teaching in 7th Grade ELA classes and I teach a 6th grade math class. This year I will be teaching a Literacy Lab System 44 Reading. My students’ learning levels may vary. Most of my students are several years below grade level in reading.


The standards used in my classroom are from the 6th & 7th grade standards that the South Carolina State Department has mandated.

Course Outline:

As a Resource/Reading Teacher, I follow the SC State Standards being taught in the regular education classes and the individual needs of the students in these classes and what is dictated on their IEPs.

Some topics that are normally covered are:

- Notebook Organization/Setup

- Using an agenda

- Multiple Memory Strategies

- Time Management

- Test-taking Strategies

- Listening Skills

- Note-taking Skills/Outlining

- Library Skills

- Using a dictionary

- Reading/Math Strategies

- Oral Presentations

- SC Math, ELA, and Writing

- Standards for all grade levels.

Texts and Supplemental Materials and Resources:

For my Literacy Lab Classes, we will be using the System 44 reading book and a computerized program. For my co-taught classes, we will use the books and assessments for these classes.

Integration & Areas of Interaction and Information about Integrated Units:

I will be communicating with the regular education teachers throughout the school year to have integration throughout the curriculum. I help co-teach three inclusion classes. Math, writing and language arts will be integrated weekly. The information about integrated units will be addressed on my weekly lesson plans.

Assessment (formative and summative):

Methods of evaluation include teacher observations, teacher-made tests, curriculum-based assessments and student work samples. Students will be periodically assessed formally and informally using the standard grading scale. Students will be graded on work accomplished at their instructional level as delineated in their IEP's. Grades will be recorded in PowerSchool. All students will participate in district assessments, such as PASS, SC Ready, and school assessments, such as Benchmarks with the appropriate accommodations.

Missed Work and Make-up Policy:

If students are absent, students will be allowed to make up their work with full credit. However, if a student is out for a consecutive number of days, it is the students’ responsibility to call the school and/or get the work from the teachers.

Grading Policy:

Class Policy Greenville County Grading Scale

Major - Tests/Projects: 50% A = 90 – 100

Minor - Classwork/Quizzes: 50% B = 80 – 89

C = 70 – 79

D = 60 – 69

F = 59 and below

Classroom Tests – Students will to come to my room to take a test/quiz from their regular education class if they do not finish with it during their class.


* Appropriate Textbook for each subject (supplied by school)

* Novels daily for starter in ELA classroom

* Dictionary and Thesaurus (to keep/use at home/school)

* Hall passes are available in each class.

* Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

* Composition Notebook

* Ruler/Protractor

* #2 Pencils (Mechanical pencils are OK as long as they have a backup plan when lead runs out.)

* Black or Blue Pens (ONLY)

* Color Pencils

* ID Badges (These are to be worn at ALL TIMES while at school)

Homework Policy:

If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get the assignments from another student or the teacher. I will not routinely assign homework for tutorial class.

Student Records:

Student grades/attendance will be maintained in the teacher’s grade book and computer.

Permanent records are on file in the guidance office. I will also keep a Progress Monitoring Folder in my classroom with students’ assignments to monitor their progress on their goals for their Individual Educational Plans.

Communication with Parents and/or Conferences:

Team conferences should be scheduled through the regular education teacher. Individual conferences, please call Mrs. Nena Barnett at 355-5852.

Tardy Policy:

Being on time means being in your seat when the bell rings. For more information, please refer to the tardy policy in the student handbook.

Student Behavior and Consequences:

Please review the Student Conduct Requirements of the student handbook.

In my class, a positive learning environment will be maintained by having a positive attitude.

Classroom rules:

  1. When the bell rings:

~ quietly find your seat

~ have materials ready

~ Assignments

~ Supplies (books, pencils, paper, etc…)

2. Positive communication spoken to students and staff.

3. Respect others’ property & personal space.

4. Students will work quietly unless instructed by the teacher.

5. Students are dismissed by the teacher.

6. Have a GREAT school year!!!!!

Classroom procedures:

1. Come in quietly.

2. Get your reading book, computer, pencils, and folders.

3. Bring your supplies to class, if you do not have your supplies, let me know.

4. Students are dismissed by the teacher.

Communication with Parents:

The most efficient individual communication is email ( All parents have access to their student’s grades through the Power Schools program on the Internet. You must get your Power Schools Parent Login information from the front office. Once logged on, parents are able to select reports to be delivered to their email automatically every time I enter grades. I will also send hard copy grade reports home approximately every nine weeks. My office number is 864/355-5852.

Planning Times:

My planning times are 11:40am - 1:25pm. I can also be reached from 7:45am – 8:20am & 3:30pm – 4:00pm. If you should need to set up a meeting please call or email me at

Evaluating and Adjusting Syllabus:

Due to the varying divergent learning styles of the students being taught during the school year, this syllabus may need to be updated throughout the school year. Plans will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary each nine-week period.