Bus Conduct and Procedures

In Greenville County Schools, approximately 25,000 bus students are taken to and from school on a school bus by trained bus drivers during the school year.  Greenville County Schools' bus drivers are among the first GCSD employees that a bus riding student sees each morning on their way to school.  Our bus drivers take pride in what they do.  They have good rapport with and care very much about the students they transport.  
It goes without saying that school bus safety is paramount. In order for bus drivers to perform their duties safely, students must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to a safe riding environment while on the bus.  Students that are reported to administration by the bus operator for violations which create an unsafe environment will receive a referral to be processed. 
Parents and students are responsible for the safety of students at bus stops. School bus stops in Greenville County are considered Greenville County School District grounds and reported violations at bus stops are subject to disciplinary and possible law enforcement action.
Students arriving to school on the bus will enter the building at the bus loop.  Students must present their ID card and lanyard in order to enter.  Students without an ID, laynard, or are in violation of dress code will be sent to the front entrance of the school. 
Bus students arriving late to school will have the opportunity to eat breakfast and will be given a late bus pass to class. 
At dismissals, buses arriving prior to the dismissal bell will have eight minutes to load students.  Buses arriving to load students after that time will leave when all students are loaded, which usually takes less than five minutes. Students are expected to report to the bus loading in a timely manner and wait outside on the bus loop unless there is inclement weather.  Sometimes, there are circumstances that will warrant buses to be held for late students due to extenuating circumstances.  
Students attending athletic practices or walking home are to walk on the sidewalk and avoid walking in between buses. Anyone arriving at bus loading from the parking lot must walk behind the last bus or in front of the first bus in the loading line and avoid walking in between buses. Students should never run alongside a moving bus. 
Car riding students are to dropped off at car loading and not at the bus loop. 
Only students that have a bus assignment are permitted to ride their assigned bus or be at bus loading.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Kindall at 355-1613.
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