Poetry Slam!

*1st Place Winner*
The Puppet 
     by Jordan Duncan-7th grade

She dances on those tiny strings
She's always searched for bigger things
She flies up high on crystal wings
Just think of all the joy she brings

Applause, applause, they clap their hands
The people all throughout the lands
They come to see the playing bands
Will someone come and make her stand?

She waits and waits and waits all day
For someone to put on a play
To make her dance and swing and sway
But even her shadow has gone away

She's always been here, all alone
With no where to go, no place to call home
If only she could just move on her own
She stays put with her feet made of stone

Why she was left, she can't seem to see
"Oh please, oh please, why can't I be free?"
And every night she pleas that plea
For she is the puppet, and the puppet is me

*3rd Place Winner*
Poem number two
     by Izzy Sanders-6th grade

In sixth grade, 
People are different.
Everybody has this urge to grow up.
They want more freedom.
I'm okay with the freedom I have
I don't have the same obligation
everyone has with becoming and adult.
I want my youth as long as possible.
Be immature while you have the chance.

The Poem about My life 
     by John McAbee

When I catch a fish, 
I will cook a dish, 
I like to hunt, 
don't kill the runt, My dad used to ride bulls, 
Everyone who does that are fools,
I like watching races, 
and seeing the driver's faces
I like watching tv,
especially shows that are creepy.
I like big trucks
Also killing big bucks, 
I really like money
but I don't like honey
I don't like small cars,
or people who drink at bars, 
I got bad grades at school,
because I acted like a fool.
I like fishing at the pond,
but I don't like mowing the lawn.
I hope you vote for me, 
Just do it like Nike.

The Carnivorous Book:
   by Leah Kreutziger

I slowly approached the musty bookstore.
I walked to the creaking stairs with a spur.
A bell went off as I opened the door.
A man popped out from the rotting counter.

I warily took in my surrounding.
Thousands of shelves with no ending in sight
He said, "Take any book of your liking, 
But be careful, some of my books can bite."

I didn't trust him and opened a book.
I was swallowed into that certain page.
Then I was kidnapped by an evil crook.
I have been stuck here with no way to age.

I pity whoever gets trapped here next.
Into the novel, falling too quickly.
So fast, they will miss the black and white text.
Their reality is gone completely.

Hopefully, there is a way to get out.
Till the book is opened again, no doubt. 

by Riley Brown
His name is Austin
He is from Boston
He spends a lot of time with his dad
Not a lot of things go bad
One day they decided to cook some crab
After that they turned on the tunes and dabbed

   by Max Winsch

Dolphins swimming through the ocean waves 
caring for the youth that are in the center
of the pod
being protected from the monsters that lay deep in 
the sea
Waiting and waiting for the right time to strike
The Dolphins swim furiously away
Far enough away when they cry in pain
as one of the pups is missing no place
to be seen
2nd Place Winner*
Flying on the Wings of a Bird
    by Angelina Harley-8th grade

Flying on the wings of a bird
Through the clouds of imagination, 
I find that truth is blurred, 
A lie ever so intricately weaved.
And what is said to be false and fiction, 
Is what cannot yet be believed.

Our minds are bound by what is and what must be, 
How every lock must be opened by the perfect key, 
That we categorize and classify everything and everyone, 
And if someone doesn't fit, they must be pushed aside and undone.

It is said everyone must go with the flow, 
Be a group and conform.
Are we supposed to be like puppets, dance and perform?
To be a single, unnoticeable drop of rain in the storm?
Then why are the different remembered, and the normal unknown?

Who are we to judge who is flawless and who is not?
Who goes into the trash and who into the pot?
The first to condemn is the most imperfect,
Lacking the ability to understand and connect.

Let your mind open and see the world whole, 
Where we don't hate the different, special, and unique, 
That we accept them as human and not call them weak.
Let your imagination free and open your eyes to see
A world of peace, acceptance, and serenity.
To you, does it seem a place of sinfulness and evil, 
Or goodness and prosperity?

*Honorable Mention*
American Patriotism
     by Morgan Vess-6th grade

I'm an American Warrior
Not afraid to let people know
Who and what I stand for.
I know who I serve and what I serve for.
Wounds cover me from battles but I'm not ashamed.
Those things are not to be blamed.
The statue of Liberty, tall and patriotic, with power.
With her torch held high and bright, 
That you can see from all distance, day and night.
That American flag flying high in the sky.
When I salute, I'm not shy.
I stand proud to put my hand on my heart
And salute what soldiers, veterans fought for.
Because deep down inside I'm American to my core.
You just can't shop to be an American
And put items of patriotism in your cart.
But what really matters is what you believe, say, and do
For America is in your heart. 

    by Zachary Laird

30 seconds on the shot clock 
yeah I gotta get a shot off
It's either that or we can take the loss
It's up to us we gotta leave em in the dust
We gotta come down the court movin so fast
Break their ankles and I'll put em in a cast
We're about to  beat this team because they are rash
I pull up for the Buzzer Beater
yeah my shot is cash!!
The final score was 28 to 30
cuz I'm ballin like Curry
and my shots so good it makes defenders 
go blurry.

The Fairytale of Life
   by Kylee Jones

Once Upon a Time. . . 
Those four words meant everything to you
You could escape the Huntsmen or fit in 
Cinderella's shoe.
Dreams were never ending
You were constantly befriending
And you always knew what to do

But just when things are beautiful and bright
Someone seems to turn out the light
Suddenly, you're trapped in your reflection
Lost, with no direction
Overwhelmed by fears, 
and succumbed to tears
You're as Belle in the dungeon and 
Snow White in the wood
Thinking you're gone for good

But hope is not lost
You just have your priorities criss-crossed
and it's time to begin with
something new
and change your point 
of view

Begin to take notice of the positive 
little things
Such as laughter and kindness
and sun after it rains
The smallest accomplishments
and the sweetest of compliments
That bring out the dimples on your face
and once more, your dreams, 
you will chase

And once you've discovered the beauty 
of these tiny acts
You also notice the people who have got your back
Your mother and father, your sister and friend
Your teacher, your brother the list goes on 
without end

All of a sudden, your fairy godmothers become dear
And the top priorities are clear
To love your life with all you've got 
And know who you are not to be forgot
Stay silly and bright
Always shining your light
And soon you will find that you couldn't be
happier and you're on your way to 
your own Happily Ever After