Welcome to the Jazz Studies Department at The Fine Arts Center Greenville, SC

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We offer Jazz Studies in Jazz Guitar, Jazz Piano, Keyboards, Jazz Bass, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Strings, Drums and Vocals 

Jazz Theory 1 (9:15 AM)
The study of harmony, melody and rhythm as it relates to modern jazz from 1944 through the present. Scales, Modes, Triads, 7th Chords, Non/Modal Scales,  Reading Syncopated Jazz Rhythms are covered.

Jazz Performance 1 (10:10AM)
The application of the information from Jazz Theory 1 is the content of this course. Blues, Level 1,2 Jazz Standards are used as material for implementing Scales, Modes, Triads, 7th Chords, Non/Modal Scales in jazz improvisation.
And end of the year recital is given in May of each year. 

Jazz Combo 2 Honors (1:30PM)
You must take Jazz Theory1 and Jazz Performance 1 to be admitted  to this class. 
The combos consist of 4 or 5 musicians working on Level 2 and 3 Jazz Standards. Learning to play the melody, chords and improvise on 2 songs per quarter is required. The class consists 3 to 4 combos working in small rooms alone  and working with the instructor in the large classroom. 3 public performances are given each school year. 

Jazz Combo 3,4 Honors (2:25PM)
The 3 or 4 combos in this class study advanced modern jazz including fusion and jazz rock. 
The Fine Arts Center Jazz Quintet is selected from this class. They represent the school by playing engagements and concerts around the region. The students in this class are also selected to perform 3 concerts per year at The Peace Center for the Performing Arts in addition to 3 concerts at The Fine Arts Center.

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