The Fine Arts Center of Greenville, SC was established in August of 1974.  We provide advanced comprehensive arts instruction to students who are artistically talented and wish to take an intensive pre-professional program of study.  Students apply and are selected on the basis of talent, interest and commitment to their discipline and study architecturetheatredancevisual artsmusiccreative writing, or digital filmmaking
Students attend the Fine Arts Center five days each week in the morning or afternoon for 110 minutes of instruction and spend the remainder of their time at their home high school.

Each year approximately 400 students attend the Fine Arts Center. Our 2015-2016 graduating class of 102 students earned over 10 million dollars in scholarship opportunities

VISITATION DAY - November 15th
Students from area high schools are invited to visit the Fine Arts Center on Thursday, November 15th. All students attending will need to get a pre-arranged absence form to be admitted. Click here for details.


The link below contains the required information and forms for students who wish to drive to school. Students and parents are asked to carefully read through these documents before applying for a parking pass. Parking passes will not be available until after August 13th

In order to purchase a parking permit, students must:
  • Print out and complete the 2018-2019 Parking Application. These forms are located by clicking here.
  • Pay the required parking fees.
  • Students should possess a parking permit from their home high school and maintain compliance with the parking policy and protocols of their home high school.
Only students who have completed these items will be eligible to purchase a parking pass. Failure to have the correct documentation on file with the school at any point throughout the year could result in the denial of parking privileges. 

Parking spaces at the Fine Arts Center are in facilitated in cooperation with Wade Hampton High School. NO FAC PARKING PERMITS CAN BE SOLD TO WADE HAMPTON STUDENTS. THESE PERMITS MUST BE PURCHASED AT WADE HAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL.

***Parking Passes are sold daily at the Fine Arts Center from 8:30AM - 1:00PM***