audition requirements

We understand that this may be intimidating.

Please know that everyone has unique talents and skills and an equal chance.

Your attitude will determine a lot of your success.

We do not expect anyone to have architectural design experience prior to this introductory class.

Look at the Admissions Page for all date requirements.

For 2022 - 2023 School year pre-screen information


Slides for Audition Page 2022-23

Expectation of honesty:

The responses here are expected to be wholly your own, no assistance of any kind should be received by you. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone else prompting you with questions, phrases, hints, or providing any grammar, spelling or editing assistance. Drawings should also be wholly your own.

Do not seek outside sources [like the internet] of any kind.


Do not share your responses with anyone.



Google Slides to be uploaded in the FAC Architecture Pre-screen form linked at the bottom of this page.

Watch this video showing how to photograph the sketches. [Created by and starring RStockham - Instructor for Architecture Foundations 1H]

To be completed in the FAC Architecture Pre-screen form linked at the bottom of this page.

This is a list of definitions with examples for your reference: Vocabulary List: Principles and Elements of Design

Prepare 4 sketches:

Sketch from real life on 8 ½ x 11 plain white copy paper with a regular #2 pencil the following:

  1. A pot or pan for cooking - using value only, no outlines.

  2. A pair of open scissors - using line only, no value.

  3. A place setting after you have eaten.

  4. A portion of kitchen cabinets with both upper and lower cabinets and counter.

Follow instructions carefully:

Sketch from real life, not photographs or memory.

Spend no less than 5 and no more than 15 minutes on each sketch.

These are not intended to be finished works of art. DO NOT ERASE ANYTHING.

FILL THE PAGE. Scale the objects up or down to fit the page. Think about the composition of the page.

Put things under a light to help generate shadows and accentuate the shape of the objects.

Do not worry about text or graphic patterns on the objects. Simply pay attention to shapes, proportion and perspective.

Photograph or scan the sketches.

Open this Google Slide template, make a copy, and save it as First name Last name [same one as on application].

Upload images of sketches into the appropriate slide, fill in the blanks, and be sure to include the brief reflection.

1 Principles and Elements.pdf

The link above is a Google Form and will require a gmail account. Please use your Greenville County School email address if you have one. If you are an out of district student and do not have a gmail account, you may contact Catherine Smith at The form will allow the uploading of your Google Slides file made from the template.