What is Architecture?
Certainly multiple thousands of books have been written on the subject of just what Architecture is, and it can never be answered simply or simply answered. It is a rather complex profession that encompasses intellectual, theoretical, scientific, mathematic, logical, analytical, mechanical and compassionate thought combined with a colossal dose of creative, artistic and aesthetic skill.

So what is the Architecture Program at the Fine Arts Center?
One does not typically refer to creativity as a skill, more as a gift or talent. That remains true. However with architectural, we are taught to relentless think critically about the creative work through the design as an iterative, repetitive process. The result therefore should generate a rational or at least comprehensible solution to the problem issued. Therefore, we tend to think of Architecture at the Fine Arts Center as Art Applied to Built Form.

The Architecture Program at the Fine Arts Center requires a high degree of commitment, perhaps comparable to the demands of a professional career in this area. Through critical thinking and project based learning, we introduce architectural communication techniques, history of architecture, and explore a variety of design fields that are connected to the built environment. Each student must demonstrate a desire to work, an ability to concentrate for extended periods of time, and to be personally responsible for participation in all phases of the program. A prerequisite for an arts and architecture education is a firm commitment of time and energy. Students are to participate in class every day, to do homework, and to attend extracurricular arts events.

A Brief Video About the Program

Acceptance to the Fine Arts Center is recognition of a student’s talent, special interest, and a desire to achieve in the arts. Students are accepted into the Architecture Program. These are full-year classes that focus on 2D and 3D architectural communications techniques, analysis of architecture, utilizing the design process, as well as construction materials and methods. The audition/portfolio review process will help the faculty determine a student’s interest and commitment.

All students must have their portfolio reviewed to attend the Fine Arts Center, including current students who wish to return for multiple years. At the Fine Arts Center, the arts are not only taught, but also practiced and lived on a daily basis. Here, through the guidance of the teachers (all of whom are practicing artists or professionals), students acquire strong foundations, enabling them to develop their artistic talents.