The ARMES Creative Writing Program utilizes a process-based approach that facilitates the discovery and development of young students' writer identities. We aspire to produce lifelong writers who both understand and wield the power of their unique voices. To this end, participants are expected to take risks by experimenting with different forms, styles, and voices. Our year is broken into four components: 

I. Poetry
II. Fiction
III. Non-Fiction 
IV. Student Choice and Publication

The thread running through every unit is a development of students' metacognition: understanding their individual process and styles, then placing their writing in a larger historical, social, and cultural context. This will include exposing students to the wealth of opportunities for further study outside of ARMES and our vibrant local writing community. 

Every year, the specific writing projects within each component will change, to keep the program fresh and challenging for returning students. The year will end with a publication and reading of student work.