The ARMES Visual Art Program at the FIne Arts Center gives interested students experience with a wide variety of both two- and three-dimensional art forms. At the same time, it gives them a chance to expand their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They are encouraged to find their own unique solutions to the techniques.

Drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics are some of the areas that are explored in each academic year. However, projects will vary from year-to-year, so that returning students are not repeating the same material. Other projects have included computer graphics, claymation, soft sculpture, photography, and book-making. Essential elements of art such as design principles, art history, and multiculturalism are interwoven through the curriculum.

By having the Visual Arts classes at the Fine Arts Center, students have access to some of Greenville County's best-equipped visual art studios. Students also have access to traveling exhibits and permanent collections of both student and professional work exhibited in the Gallery.

Classes are limited to 20 students so that instructors are able to spend time working with individuals as well as working with larger groups. Most of the projects assigned are structured so that students are working individually. However some projects are group-oriented so they can learn teamwork and gain confidence in their ability to work with others. Students also learn from each other in critiques by talking about their classmates' ideas and discussing their own strengths and weaknesses.