The ARMES String Chamber Music Program is a gifted and talented ability based program for violin, viola and cello students.

Students are divided into four levels of instruction:

I. Beginning Violin
II. Beginning Viola/Cello
III. Intermediate/Reading
IV. Advanced/Chamber

The emphasis of the ARMES String Chamber Music Program is on developing strings chamber musicians and helping the students become the best musican he or she can be.

Research has shown that daily listening to recordings is just as vital to a young students' learning as practice. Students are expected to purchase and listen to the recordings that go with their books.

All students in the ARMES String Program attend class three hours of instructional time.. Every other Friday, they attend “Suzuki style” review classes where students perform all the literature they have memorized. They are required to perform in two to three performances and at least one solo recital. Student progression in the Strings Program is based on mastery of each class level’s curriculum and goals. Students progress by memorizing literature and performing it in front of the class.