are features that you can add to your Chrome Browser to make the different tools in G-Suite (docs, sheets, slides, form, etc) more powerful.  These will work on desktops, laptops, and chromebooks.  Green Local Schools students are not able to add these to their accounts, but teachers are able to add them. If you login to the Chrome Browse, your apps, extensions, and add-ons will follow you to that device. 

Below are helpful training documents related to Apps/Extensions/Add-ons:

Support Files
  • One sheet explanation of Apps and Extensions [view]
Video Files
Suggested Apps
  • Google Photos for Phones [view]
  • Google Photos Presentation [view]
  • Google Waze for Phones [view]
  • Google Cast for Education [view]
  • Photovisi (Dr. Stahr) [view]
  • Kami [view]
  • Canva Image Creator [view]
Suggested Extensions
  • Read&Write for Chrome [view]
  • Directions for Read&Write (Dr. Stahr) [view]
  • G-Suite Training Extension [view]
  • Black Menu for Google [view]
  • Flippity Add-on for Sheets [view]
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