Occasionally Greenhouse Ministries comes across information helpful to single moms. We have created this section of our website to make this information available to single moms in our community.

The poverty rate for single-parent families, headed by mothers, is almost six times higher than that of married-couple families. Children living in a home headed by a single mother can be the most economically disadvantaged of children since these mothers most often choose between buying food or providing clothing, adequate housing, etc. for their families.

In Middle Tennessee, single mothers can find a bridge from their present circumstances to self-sufficiency through TBCH Houses of Healing and Hope. 

The program, launched in 1997, provides an apartment and counseling for young mothers, and includes assistance with the life skills needed for independent living such as goal setting, budgeting, education, transportation, and employment.

For questions or to help this program, e-mail: healingandhope@tbch4kids.org.

Whoever welcomes this little child in
My name welcomes Me..." Luke 9:48

For the mailing address and phone number of TBCH locations, see Contact Us. TBCH stands for Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes.

What the House of Healing and Hope Has Done For Me

In December of 2001, I was living in a tiny duplex in Nashville. I was in the process of divorcing a really abusive man. I was working at a small diner and barely making ends meet (usually by skipping a month on one bill to pay another). An acquaintance of mine knew of the work on the Brentwood campus with the House of Healing and Hope program. He asked if there was a possibility of the home helping me out. From there, I met with the campus staff and the wheels were set into motion.

Most people will never know what it is like to get the opportunity to start fresh. For a year and half, I lived on the campus, rent and utility free. This blessing allowed me to pay off old bills, and put my youngest son in a nice daycare where he was not just baby-sat, but truly taught and encouraged on a daily basis. I bought a decent car, went to college at night and graduated in May of 2003 with a diploma in Computer Applications.

Now, I have a wonderful career with an international company and can actually say I am a productive member of society. I cannot help but believe that without the assistance I received from the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes' staff, none of this would have been possible. I would have ended up in public housing and living off of government assistance.

The benefits of the program were not limited to the housing. My children had access to the same privileges as the children in the cottages. Tutoring in the afternoons, activities at the gym, and the party for the children every year at Christmas are just a few. My children also have what I call their brand new mother. That may be the best thing that the program has done for them.

My prayers are that the Children's home can continue to provide this assistance to more individuals in my situation or ones similar to it. Unless you have been in the shoes of a single mother with little resources, you have no idea how desperate things can be. I also would pray to be in a financial situation where I can help support the program in the near future. So much has been done for me and I want to return the blessing.



All the information listed above was from the Tennessee Baptist Children's home website :



From the July 2008 issue of Redbook Magazine:

"Raising a kid solo can make getting a degree seem like an impossible dream. But for the more than 8 million single working moms in the United States, only 16 percent of whom have a college degree, there's a new way to earn a bachelor's or master's: Elearners is partnering with several online universities to grant $2 million in full-ride scholarships for "Project Working Mom." You can take classes online, and you'll have dozens of different major options, from English lit to business. The deadline for applications is August 30, so log on to get a lift up."