A message from John Nittolo, Superintendent of Green Hills School

What is the 20time Project?

Industry leaders 3M and Google give their employees time at work to pursue their own "pet projects." Post-Its and GMail are two products that have come from this practice. Here, at GHS, we refer to this as the 20time Project. The 20time Project at Green Hills School is a year-long venture that will provide each student the opportunity to pursue an independent project of his/her choice for a specific purpose.  This gives students the opportunity to play more of an active role in how content and knowledge are acquired, helping to encourage the twenty-first century skills and thinking needed for success!

Why do 20time?

The 20time Project puts the learning in the hands of the students. From inception to completion, this project is driven by the student. The teachers will function as resources in the classroom, but this project is governed by the student and the future end product is in their hands. For a successful project, the student will need to systematically think about and plan their project from all angles.

Why do 20time (in the grand scheme of things)?

The world has a growing number of Wicked Problems. A Wicked Problem is defined as an issue that is far reaching, multifaceted, and not easily solved (for a full definition, see here). Wicked Problems require System Thinkers to solve. A System Thinker is someone that is able to look at these problems from every aspect in all different perspectives. By putting the 20time Project in the hands of our students, we will be giving them practice in Systems Thinking on a project they are passionate about. We are helping them cultivate the tools they will need to tackle Wicked Problems. Our future depends on it.